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How do you form your heads/neck? I've been improving full body posing thanks to your pose guide, but I can never get a head to fit with the bodies I make.
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Ahh, I’m glad my other tutorial was useful! Hmm, necks can get weird when they’re twisted/at odd angles, but I’m going to assume you mean standard posing.

What is most helpful is to observe that in your reference the neck shape is strongly effected by the trapezius muscles. Here’s an example:

Two for one neck reference! If I’m drawing a portrait I’m kind of bad in that I don’t draw a complete gesture line through my figure, although if you’re having trouble I think it could help. Here’s how my sketches look after about 20 seconds:

Yay boring!

This is what you don’t want to do. Two curved lines is going to make it look like a doll’s neck, when you want it to look natural. There’s a spine in there, and a lot of muscles anchoring that neck to the clavicle and shoulders.

Even if it’s not visible in the final drawing, I usually draw in the clavicle.


I’ll do one more example:


Even though you can’t see her neck very much you can still use the shoulders to help you anchor the neck and keep it more natural looking. This is why while I don’t always draw the neck in my gesture, I am always sure to be careful about the position of the shoulders!

Ahh I hope this was helpful, let me know if you have any trouble!

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Kids are putting Drano, tin foil, and a little water in plastic drink bottles
and capping it up - leaving it on lawns, in mail boxes, in gardens, on driveways etc. just waiting for you to pick it up intending to put it in the rubbish, but you’ll never make it!!!

If the bottle is picked up, and the bottle is shaken even just a little - in about 30 seconds or less it builds up enough gas which then explodes with enough force to remove some your extremities. The liquid that comes out is
boiling hot as well.

Don’t pick up any plastic bottles that may be lying in your yards or in the gutter, etc.

Pay attention to this. A plastic bottle with a cap. A little Drano. A little water. A small piece of foil.
Disturb it by moving it; and BOOM!! No fingers left and other serious effects to your face, eyes, etc.

Please ensure that everyone that may not have email access are also informed of this. 

Snopes confirms.

I’ve dealt with these before. If you find one:

  • Do not touch it
  • Do not touch it
  • Clear the area around it. It will explode on its own in time.
  • Once it explodes, do not make contact with the liquid inside. If needed, flush it away with large amounts of water.
  • Do not try to detonate it. You’ll probably be disfigured.

I’ve seen what these can do. The acidic liquid inside can strip the paint off a car.

when i visited vancouver these were everywhere. it’s not a fucking joke they’re actually scary

Just a reminder that there are awful shitty people out there doing awful shitty things to everyone else

there was a bunch of these at disneyland

i found one in my back yard, when i let my dogs out, i pulled them back inside, took my cousins bb shotgun and shot it from a safe distance (i was in my house and shot from the screen door. When it went off, my family and neighbors came running to see if everything was ok. I told them what happened and to watch out for them. 

These things are not a joke! When we went to check the damage there was a fucking hole in the ground. The dirt in my yard is like CLAY.

This shit is bad news


hoLY FUCKING SHIT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? JESUS CHRIST! Please followers keep this in mind and do not touch those things. Fuck. I can’t believe that something like that even exists…

do what the bb gun person did except if the cops come video tape it so they know that you didn’t do it on purpose

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have a gif of Simon doing the death wiggle <3




have a gif of Simon doing the death wiggle <3


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This Anna Kendrick Little Mermaid SNL sketch is impossible to find (NBC ran into some legal issues with Disney)… watch while you can!

"Why would I need your hair? Mine is GORGEOUS! I mean it’s white, slicked straight up, & buzzed on the sides."

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"She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”

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My DCP Countdown: 53 Days | 53 WDAS Films
[28/53] The Little Mermaid → "I don’t know when… I don’t know how… but I know something’s starting right now."
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  1. Me: Are you a member with u-
  2. Asshole guy: NO, NO, NO, NO!!
  3. Me: Excuse me?
  4. Asshole guy: I get sick of being asked every fucking time! So to spare you I just tell you no!
  5. Me: That's keeping me from doing my job. We have to ask.
  6. Asshole guy: I know that, but I don't want to hear it! So that's what I tell everybody! (he was being extremely loud this whole time, attracting customers attention)
  7. Me: If you don't calm down, I'm going to call a manager up here because you are coming across as very rude.
  8. Asshole: Good! Go ahead and call him! I'm 40 years older than you! You don't know my story!
  9. Me: ... Really? Excuse me, but you don't know mine either so you don't understand how ridiculous you're coming across. Also, I'm not a teenager so no, you are not 40 years older than me- but I don't care how old you are there is no reason to be so disrespectful.
  10. Asshole guy: I'm never coming here again! I don't let anyone talk down to me! *reaches over and takes literally ALL of my bags, puts a $5 on the counter which is $3 less than his total* I'm never coming here again! *storms out*
  11. Me: *calls after him* Good, because you just stole $3 worth of product! Have a nice life!
  12. ((My CSR heard and saw everything. She had a bad experience with him in the past where he hit on her and got mad at her when she told him to back off. She told the manager he was back and this time was shouting at me. His picture was saved off the security camera. He's banned from the store.))
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Do you ever go online shopping, fill up your cart with stuff you want, and then just leave it forever… ? I do. 

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Please take a moment and watch this video.

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favorite movies: Frozen [2013]

"Elsa your power will grow.There’s a beauty in it and also a danger. Fear will be your enemy"

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parenting done right

Never not reblog Morticia Addams

I love the expression on her face in the last one. “Can you believe she was going to use such a small blade?”

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just a small town girl. Living in a racist, insensitive, sexist, homophobic world,

(cant take the midnight train ‘cause im fuckin scared)

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